Thursday, April 28, 2011

Me One the Map Unit Final Product

Here is a great example of a Me On the Map unit final product.  LOVE this Jessica Meacham designed unit.  The kids tied their mini me to a string which they can move through the pockets of the book as they read their story.  What kind of treat greets a finished product?  Milky Way candy bars, of course! 



  1. Love it! This is a story we read, too. Can't wait to use this idea.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I love the story another great idea that I'll have to use.


  3. I love this! I will so be doing this next year! Thanks for sharing!
    Mrs. Saylor’s Log

  4. This is so cute! When we read Me on the Map I hook my computer up to my projector and find our school on Google Earth then slowly zoom out until we see the town, state, country and Earth. They love it and it helps them relate the concept to the story.

  5. This is so wonderful. I wish I had thought of this when I used to teach that story. Thanks for sharing.

    Ms. M
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