Meet the Teacher

Hey!  Welcome to my little corner of the teacher share world.  Here are a few tidbits that make me, me.

The Teacher Me. . .
I am a First Grade Teacher.  I love saying that!  I began teaching in first, spent a few years in second, and am now bouncing back down to first, which is exactly where I belong!  I love everything about these little ones.  Their spunk, their play, their creativity.  I love sharing those stories, hearing those giggles, witnessing those minds at work, and feeling those little hands slip into mine.  Joy.  First grade is joy.

The Mom Me. . .
Justin and I have 3 kids.   I am doing everything I can to hang on to them, but they just keep moving out!  Our sweet boys, Zachary and Ryan, are off doing the college thing and our darling daughter, Cassie, cannot wait for her turn.  Sigh.  The whole thing is just, well, crummy.  But I must admit they are turning into pretty fun adults.

And Just Plain Stephanie. . .
I am a Wisconsin Girl living in an Idaho World.  I am adventure ready and happiest in the sunshine while hiking, mountain biking, bakpacking, or hanging out on the water.  I am all about good books, great friends, project time, & roadtrips. . .preferably with a chocolate covered caramel from The Chocolate Bar!

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